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About Us

Why a network of companies?

It ‘a choice based on the collaboration, the mutual exchange and aggregation. It represents an alternative business model to common individualistic and fragmented arrangements.

The advantages

  • Independence of participating companies.
  • Aggregation aimed to a specific project.
  • Flexibility to different situations and reactivity in implementing changes in different projects.
  • Stabilityin relationships that cannot only be of informal nature.
  • Major vocation to collaborations with foreign partners, thanks to Joint Venture contracts.
  • Being a single source of resources even for complex projects.
  • Possibility to fulfil specific requirements and benefit from the different permits / licenses of the companies in a shared and mutually reinforcing asset.
  • Overcoming the limitations in sub-contracts, both in organizational and economic terms.
  • Use of specialized human resources and equipments.

The Founding Companies:

Tecnologie Industriali & Ambientali is an Italian Company leader in the reclamation of buildings, polluted land and abandoned areas

MIT Ambiente is a primary authorized carrier in Italy for the management and disposal of radioactive material and for the transport of special hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Demiced, a company active in demolition and industrial decommissioning, is part of the Ferrero group, leader in its sector in Germany with over 200 million turnover

U-Series provides consultancy and services in the field of radioactivity and radiation protection. The company was established to pursue scientific research and technological innovation purposes