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Our services


by advanced technology, cuts and crushing


traditional, deconstruction & reconversion

Special Waste

removal, handling and transport


asbestos, man-made vitreous fibres, waste



analisys and consultancy on radioactive material

Key Services

  • Decommissioning of industrial buildings by advanced technology, cuts and crushing.
  • Traditional demolition, deconstruction and reconversion of industrial areas.
  • Special demolition activities following fires and collapses.
  • Removal, handling and transport of special and radioactive waste.
  • Remediation of:
    – Asbestos, man-made vitreous fibres, lead and PCBs.
    – Waste from reservoirs.
    – Equipment and lines.
    – Soils by means of sustainable innovative technologies.
  • Laboratory analysis for radioactivity
  • Characterization and evaluation of the impact of radioactive material
  • Safety and protection services for workers from ionizing radiation
  • Consultancy on problems connected with radiation protection

What we do

We have been working for over 35 years in decommissioning and remediation businesses with over 4.000 interventions carried out on civil buildings and industrial / nuclear sites.

The activities also involve interventions in classified areas with a risk of ionizing radiations and contamination including all related transport activities.

The intervention program is 360° oriented: from a specific project study up to its implementation.